Archery One Hour Sessions

Arrows and Targets

Archery sessions from £30 per person


ArcheryArchery Arrows

A one-hour session with an experienced archery instructor. Full tuition will be given on the art of using a recurve longbow (a normal bow and arrow!) at our 100 acre activity centre in Warwick.

Each instructor can look after up to eight people during an hour session. Each participant will be taught how to hold a bow, aim and shoot at a full size archery target using aluminium shafted arrows.


Archery Participants

A series of practice arrows will allow the basics to be mastered before the session moves on to a competition round (usually 9 arrows per person).

Throughout the duration of the event most participants will see a real improvement in their accuracy and ability. Most people begin with no experience and can only just get an arrow on target – by the end of the session some impressive scores can be achieved.

All participants need to be 14 years old or over. Those aged under 16 years need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

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Archery Costs and Availability

A one hour archery session will cost £30 per person, based on a minimum group size of three people. We can run archery sessions seven days a week all year round. Standard times include:Archery Target and Bow

  • 09.30 am *
  • 11.00 am *
  • 12.30 pm
  • 14.00 pm


* 09.30 and 11.00 am are not available on Sunday mornings.

Either call the office to book in (01926 491 948) or book online.

Clothing Advice

Some of the archery areas are covered, but you will still be outside for some of the event time. Suitable clothing could include:

  • Trainers, walking boots and wellies are ideal.
  • A waterproof jacket is advisable if rain is forecast (it may get muddy).
  • Flexible clothing to allow arm movement