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Rally Karts

Fast and furious adrenaline filled fun!
Race our 930cc Rebel Rally Karts around a 500m long gravel track, with hairpins, high speed corners and banked turns.

These powerful machines have a top speed of 60 mph, and give you the feel of driving on a rally stage broadsiding and drifting around the multiple corners, and you can share the thrill with your passenger!
All safety gear is provided:
- Crash helmets, neck braces, gloves and waterproofs
- Reception building with toilets, tea and coffee
- Covered spectator area with seating

This experience lasts for between 1 1/2 and 2 hours depending on group size.
- Suitable for groups of between 6 and 14 people.
- Ideal for groups of friends, corporate events, stag and hen parties
- Practice and Competition with timed laps
- Pursuit Racing; two Karts start on opposite sides of the circuit, and they hunt each other down!

All DRIVERS must be over 16 years old.
PASSENGERS must be 10 years old and a minimum 1.4m tall.

Quad Bike Trekking

Ride a powerful, 250cc quad bike through 100 acres of challenging countryside incorporating slopes, mud, grassland and picturesque woodland.

The hour-long trek starts with a training session to ensure participants know how to ride and control a quad bike. An undulating countryside stage allows the instructor to judge the trekkers skill level before proceeding to a suitably challenging route through 50 acres of dense wooded hillside, mud, water and rough terrain.

All trekkers must be 16 years old or over, as the quad bikes we use are designed for adults.

The quads are steered using a handlebar (the same as a push bike), accelerated using a thumb throttle and braked using a finger operated lever (the same as a push bike) and/or a foot pedal. Every participant must be able to confidently steer, brake and accelerate using these controls, so moderate strength is required. Body weight must also be transferred around the bike to safely ride up and across sloped ground.

Off Road & Targets

Off Road Driving, Archery and Reverse Steer Jeep combined to test your driving, marksmanship and coordination skills!

A really fun package suitable for Corporate groups, stag and hen parties, birthdays and family parties (minimum age is 10 years and at least 147cm tall).

Clay Pigeon Shooting (50 Shot Challenge)

A 50 shot clay pigeon shooting lesson using a low recoil shotgun under the guidance of a CPSA qualified instructor. These sessions are suitable for individuals or groups who have never shot before, or shoot irregularly, and would like to have a really good go at clay shooting! Sessions last 60 to 90 mins. The instructor will lead the shooter(s) around a series of challenging targets including incomers, crossers, going-aways and the dreaded bouncing bunnies!

We offer 50 shot sessions throughout the week (Monday to Friday) from 10.00 am through to 5.30 pm and on several Saturday mornings (10.00 am - 1.00 pm) each month. Weekends tend to be the busiest days and individuals / small groups may be mixed together (each instructor can look after up to 7 people at a time).

Suitable for anyone aged 14 years and over (under 16 yr olds do need full adult supervision throughout).

Clay Pigeon Shoot (20 Shot Taster Session)

An ideal option for a group of people who would like to give clay pigeon shooting a go. This one hour session will give each guest approximately 20 shots under the supervision of a CPSA instructor.

No experience required and all equipment will be provided. Most guests will end up hitting at least 70% of the targets - there are of course a few exceptions!

The 20 shot session costs £30 per person, based on a minimum billing of three guests.

We offer 20 shot sessions throughout the week (Monday to Friday) from 10.00 am through to 5.30 pm; on several Saturday mornings (10.00 am - 1.00 pm) each month and on most Sunday mornings.

Suitable for anyone aged 14 years and over (under 16 yr olds do need full adult supervision throughout).

20 shot sessions are available for groups of three of more people. Saturdays tend to be high demand days and groups will often be mixed together.

Compact Paintball

Two hour Paintball session just for your group. Suitable for two group sizes:
- For 4 to 12 people at £240 (includes 2,000 paintballs to share between the group).
- Or 13 to 18 people at £360 (includes 4,000 paintballs to share between the group).

Either session will involve approximately five games and all of the required equipment will be provided (Paintball gun, overalls and goggles).

Suitable for anyone aged 11 years and over.

4x4 Lesson - One Hour Woodland Trail (1-4 people)

You will be driving a fully equipped Landrover around 50 acres of challenging woodland. An initial training session will cover the basics of driving a vehicle off road before you progress to the woodland track.

You will be taught the principles of engine braking and differential lock to allow the vehicle to tackle severe gradients, adverse cambers and water hazards.

Full tuition and supervision will be given throughout by an experienced instructor. You no not need to be a Driving Licence but it is advisable to have some driving experience.

Bring some friends!
The vehicle can accommodate four people, plus the instructor, so bring along up to three people with you to share the experience / driving.

Junior Paintball

Two hour paintball session for groups of younger players (8 to 12 years). This is a private session just for your group and is suitable for any group size from 2-12 people.
The package includes specialised junior Paintball guns, full head protection, body armour and 1,000 shots between the group.
If you have more than twelve people you can pay for extra places (£20 for each extra place).
The guns are designed for juniors but adults are welcome to join in.

Hovercraft Experience

Learn to pilot this truly unusual vehicle during this one hour session. A powerful petrol engine drives a large fan at the rear of the craft, this generates a cushion of air and propels the craft forwards.

A hand throttle controls lift and forward speed whilst handlebars allow the hovercraft to rotate however, moving your body position from one side to the other is the main way to steer the vehicle.

Each participant will start with a practice session to get used to the controls and the feel of the vehicle a scored session will then introduce a competitive element to the session.

All participants must be:
- Aged 14 years or over. (At least two adults must accompany any group containing juniors).
- Weigh between 7 and 18 stone (44 - 114 kg)
- Able to move your body weight around whilst kneeling.

A single hovercraft will be used during the session and the driving time is divided out between the group members.

Original Paintball

Paintball is an action packed adrenaline sport which involves team work, skill and tactics.

We offer:
- Morning sessions (9.30am - 12.30 pm)
- Afternoons (1.00 - 4.00pm)
- Full-days (9.30am- 4.00pm)

Select a package from any of the following four options:

- BRONZE PACKAGE @ £7.50 / person (includes goggles, camouflage overalls and gun). Paintballs can be pre-purchased at a discounted rate or purchased on the day. Can be used for a half-day or full-day session.

- SILVER PACKAGE @ £30 / person (includes all kit and 500 Paintballs). A great option for a half-day.

- GOLD PACKAGE @ £45 / person (includes all kit and 800 Paintballs. An ideal option for a full-day.

- PLATINUM PACKAGE @ £60 / person (includes all kit, 1,000 Paintballs and a smoke grenade*). THE package for anyone who like shooting!

Compliment your package with extra paintballs, smoke grenades, armoured gloves and snoods - either pre-purchase these or buy on the day.

Axe Throwing

Learn the ancient art of throwing axes into wooden target roundels. The session will start with training axes, to ensure all participants master the basic principles, before progressing to tomahawks.
Suitable for between 2 and 16 people the session will last one hour.

Archery (One Hour Session)

A one hour session with an experienced archery instructor. Full tuition will be given on the art of using a recurve longbow (a normal bow and arrow!) at our 100 acre activity centre in Warwick.

Each instructor can look after up to eight people during an hour session. Each participant will be taught how to hold a bow, aim and shoot at a full size archery target using aluminium shafted arrows.

A series of practice arrows will allow the basics to be mastered before the session moves on to a competition round (usually 9 arrows per person).

Throughout the duration of the event most participants will see a real improvement in their accuracy and ability. Most people begin with no experience and can only just get an arrow on target – by the end of the session some impressive scores can be achieved.

Treasure Hunt - Stratford upon Avon

Treasure Hunts are light hearted, competitive and fun events. Suitable for between 10 and 100 people and lasting approximately three hours, they prove to be really popular with Birthday parties, Hen / Stag groups and for corporate events.

The event is based around the historic town of Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire, a really interesting, tourist friendly place.

Our event manager will meet the group at a suitable start point (a pub, hotel or by the theatre) and explain the format. Teams will be equipped with a map, digital camera, answer sheets and a range of questions, challenges and items to be collected. It is then up to each team to head out around Stratford to hunt for answers and be ‘creative’ with the challenges.

Towards the end of the event the teams will converge to compare results, assess photos and debate why their answers are ‘more worthy’ of points that the other teams’.

Overall a truly fun based event with a competitive edge.

Segway Group Sessions (up to 8 people)

If you have a number of people who would like to try these very unusual vehicles we offer a one hour group session. During the hour up to eight people can all get a really good ride on these two wheeled, battery powered transporters.

A large course is set out with ground markers on a level grass area. Each participant will take their turn to navigate around the course - most will start out very cautiously, but after a couple of laps they will be confident Segway riders.

Speed & Safari Full Day Event

A high-adrenalin driving experience.
Put skills to the test driving a variety of fun, but challenging motorised vehicles over exciting terrain on our purpose-built off-road course.
From 4x4 Land Rover Discoveries, to Quad Bike Trekking, Dirt Karts, Segways, Reverse Steer Snooker and Clay Pigeon Shooting this is a day crammed with action that never disappoints.

Team Building Challenge (Full Day)

Full day team development, team bonding, leadership and communication event incorporating seven activities such as:
- Electric Fence (problem solving and trust activity)
- Poles Apart (decision making and trust exercise)
- UXB (logistics, problem solving and delegation event)
- Nuclear Hazard (risk identification, problem solving and team awareness challenge)
- Spiders Web (trust, planning and communication exercise)
- Stepping Stones (logistics, planning, problem solving and team work activity)
- Cross Roads (team co-operation, trust, communications and logistics activity - a great way to bring several teams back together at the end of an event).
Actual team activities will depend on the group size, weather conditions, time of year and type of group.

Team Building Challenge (Half Day)

Half day team development, team bonding, leadership and communication event incorporating four activities such as:
- Electric Fence (problem solving and trust activity)
- Poles Apart (decision making and trust exercise)
- UXB (logistics, problem solving and delegation event)
- Cross Roads (team co-operation, trust, communications and logistics activity - a great way to bring several teams back together at the end of an event).
Actual team activities will depend on the group size, weather conditions, time of year and type of group.

Mixed activity Christmas event

Christmas mixed activity event incorporates four activities; Clay-Pigeon shooting, 4x4, Reverse steer and Archery or Quad circuit/trekking. With a range of activities, our Christmas parties offer an experience like no other - it will give you a festive day out that you will never forget.

Adventure Sports are combining food as well as four activities to create the perfect Christmas atmosphere that gets everyone's spirits up. We will be serving a two course turkey lunch: Turkey, vegetables, gravy and either Christmas pudding or chocolate log. We are also offering mulled wine and mince pies for people who want to go that one step further and have the full experience.

Our Christmas party event will start at 10am and finish at 3:30pm, allowing time for the instructor to go through a health and safety brief, the activities to be completed, the food to be eaten and the scores to be read out at the end of the day.

Segway Trekking

Suitable for two or three people and lasting a solid hour, you will drive your Segway across our 100 acre activity centre and out into the picturesque surrounding Warwickshire countryside. The hour will start with an initial training session to get used to how the Segways operate. It is then out to some gentle grass slopes and corners to boost the riders confidence.

After the basics have been mastered the trek proceeds up to our woodland area and out into the surrounding countryside.

Ideal for:
- Lads and dads (or mums!)
- Couples looking for an activity that both can do equally well
- Friends who are looking to do something unusual.

To take part you must be:
* Taller than 1.34 metres (4 foot 4½ inches)
* Between 45 and 117 kg in weight (7 - 18 stone, 6 lb.)
* Not pregnant
* Not suffering from any pre-existing or existing injury or any medical condition that prohibits participation in any sport/motorsport or other energetic pastime.

4x4 - One Hour Taster Session (4-8 people)

You will be driving a fully equipped Land Rover around our off road training area. An initial briefing will explain the basics of driving a vehicle off road before each person takes their turn to drive around the track that incorporates lost of slopes, hill climbs, descents, mud and water.

Full tuition and supervision will be given throughout by an experienced instructor.

We can offer 4x4 taster sessions seven days a week, but we do need to avoid Sunday mornings. The session will last just over one hour, including briefings.

Bring some friends!
The session is suitable for between 4 and 8 people, all will get a drive. No previous driving experience is required, so even non-drivers can take part.

Climbing Wall

Your group will have the full use of our ten metre high climbing wall during this one hour session. A qualified instructor will welcome the guests and stay with the group throughout providing guidance, advice and encouragement, as well as looking after all the technical safety elements.

Suitable for between three and eight people per instructor (anyone aged 8+ years can take part), we can accommodate up to three teams at a time.

All safety equipment is provided (helmets, harnesses and ropes) so all you to bring is some suitable outdoor clothing.

This is a fairly physical activity! A head for heights is useful but not essential.

Large Party?

If you have a large party, perhaps a team building day for the office, we offer mixed activity days. A mixed activity day involves team-linked rotation around several adventurous activities to get everyone involved for as long as you want!

Choose a day as short as 2 hours, or as long as 7. We can give rough quotes for parties up to 49 persons on this site, for larger parties please contact us.

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