Climbing Wall

Rock Climbing Wall

The Challenge

Climb as high as you can on our 33-foot tall climbing wall. A real test of courage, technique and determination!

Suitable for groups of up to 24 people and any age from 8 yrs upwards. We provide all of the equipment- all you need is some grit to get to the top!

The wall has three lanes to allow up to three climbers to take part simultaneously. Each lane is made up of three different colours of 'holds',  (the holds are fist-sized lumps of textured resin that simulate a rock). Each colour represents a different level of difficult (the red holds are really difficult!) to allow a wide range of abilities to participate from absolute beginner to experienced mountain goat!

Most participants will start with full access to all the colours before testing themselves by only using two or even a single colour.

Many people are worried about heights and you certainly don't need to climb all the way to the top. You can simply set yourself a target height and go for that.

Who Can Take Part?Climbing Wall Reacjing for Blue Grip

Virtually any age group can take part, but our climbing harnesses must fit you safely. The junior harnesses are designed for  8-12 year olds, but physical size is more important.

Adult harnesses go up to XXL, but the structure and rope system is limited to a maximum weight of 18 stone (115 kg).

Climbing is fairly physical, so participants should expect a bit of a work-out!

CostRed Rock Boot

The cost is £150 per hour, per instructor. Each instructor can look after up to 8 people, so for larger groups you can hire additional instructors. There are 3 lanes, so our wall can look after a maximum of 24 people per hour.

  • 1 - 8 People = One instructor. Cost £150
  • 9 - 16 People = Two instructors. Cost £260
  • 17 - 24 People = Three instructors. Cost £380

AvailabilityLooking Down from Climbing Wall

We run climbing wall sessions seven days a week all year round. Each session lasts one hour.

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