Mud and Mayhem Gift Experience Voucher

Mud & Mayhem Half-Day Driving Experience

This is an action packed three hour event designed for individuals and groups. On arrival guests will be divided into groups of up to seven people and will drive three amazing vehicles. Each group will spend about 50 minutes at each activity.

Guests will participate in three of the following activities. Suitable for anyone aged 16 years or over.

Mud & Mayhem costs £70 per person.

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The Vehicles

The Mud & Mayhem session will include three of the following vehicles:

4x4 Off Road Driving

Off Road Driving Mud and Mayhem

Each guest will be given expert tuition on how to drive and control a fully kitted Land Rover. A challenging course is used that incorporates steep hills, gravity defying inclines and lots of mud.

Quad Bikes

Honda Quad Bike for Mud and Mayhem

Drive powerful 250 cc quads around a challenging obstacle course incorporating dips, slaloms, tight corners and rough ground. Scores are awarded based on the drivers skill and ability with penalties if an obstacle is hit.


Argo Cat 6x6

Argo Cat during Mud and Mayhem

Six Wheels, one driver and lots of fun. These amphibious all terrain vehicles are designed to    go through mud, over hills and through swamps. Two levers control the steering to make these vehicles a true challenge.



Hovercraft for Mud & Mayhem

Riding on a cushion of air, the hovercraft provides a truly unique experience, which offers an unusual test of co-ordination skills and balance. Team members are scored on how they negotiate a large marked course.

Reverse Steer Snooker

Reverse Steer Snooker Mud and MayhemThis converted Jeep provides one of the funniest activities you'll ever experience. Turn the steering wheel one way and the vehicle goes the other. Throw in a blindfold and the results are hilarious!

Off Road Grass Karts

Grass Karts Mud and MayhemPower around the twists and turns of the circuit using purpose built off road karts. Sitting only inches off the ground the feeling of speed is amazing. Participants will take their turn to race against the clock.


The final combination will be decided by Adventure Sports based on weather and total group size.

Buy a Mud & Mayhem Gift Experience Voucher Online.  

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