Young Adventurers

Young Paintball

Adventure Sports offers a range of activities that are ideal for younger adventurers. These activities are suitable for groups from 8 to 16 years old and work well for birthday parties...

Junior PaintballPaintball for Children

Suitable for 8 years and over, our Junior Paintball activity is a fantastic choice for parties and groups of friends. The activity lasts for two hours and is a private session just for your group.

The standard cost is £200 - there are no hidden costs. This package provides all of the equipment and 1,000 paintballs for up to 12 players - larger groups are possible for an additional £20 per extra player.

Have a look through the details on Junior Paintball or Book Online.

4x4 DrivingChildren Off Road Driving - Landrover

Driving a Land Rover around a challenging off road course seems to be a favourite activity of Young Adventurers. If they can reach the pedals, they can drive! A real off road experience with the emphasis on them actually driving the vehicle (many centres drive you around the course). Hills, mud, water and adrenaline!

A one-hour session is suitable for up to six people. An experienced instructor will be with the group throughout to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable.

The cost is £160 per hour for the vehicle and instructor. Book Online.

Clay Pigeon ShootingShotgun for Clay Pigeon Shooting - Childrens Party

Shooters as young as 14 can take part in clay shooting, but small children will find a shotgun heavy. Lighter guns, such as a 20 gauge or .410's are available. It is advisable to start new shooters off with professional tuition.

We offer 20 shot packages for groups/parties (minimum of 3) at £30 per person. Book Online.

Climbing WallChildren Rock Climbing Wall Party

How fast can you reach the top and ring the bell? Our 10m wall has 3 different lines, with 4 separate coloured routes on each, increasing in levels of difficulty. Start with a bouldering session for the whole group across the width of the wall, and then it’s into the harnesses and up you go!

The cost is £150 per hour per instructor (one instructor can look after up to 8 young adventurers, so that's £18.75 each). There are 3 lines, so our wall can look after a maximum of 24 people per hour.

Book Online.

Mixed Activity EventsRocket Build and Missile Launch Childrens Party

These are available combining any of the activities described below. A half-day would include three activities, and would cost £94.80 per person (minimum of 6 people).

Air Pistol & Air Rifle Shooting

State-of-the-art Smith & Wesson CO2 revolvers test the marksmanship of the team. Weirauch Air Rifles with telescopic sights are used for longer range targets.

Cross Bows

Shot at over a distance of around 20 metres, our crossbows are fitted with telescopic sights.

Missile Mission

Build and launch your own rocket several hundred feet up into the air. The challenge is to land as
close to a target as possible!

4x4 Off Road Driving

Get to drive a fully kitted Land Rover around an off road course - no existing driving ability needed!

Contact the office to book a Mixed Activity Party.

Special Notes

Adventurous activities appeal to children as they have an element of perceived risk and danger. All the activities are closely supervised by our instructors, but we will need a minimum of two adults to accompany every group to ensure everyone stays together and under control!